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*Two Solo's *One evening

by Nóra Hajós and Judit Kéri

Foto: Becky Tavernor

Two great performers share an evening with each other and fill it with much experience in presence, play, authenticity and expression, they show two improvised solos inspired by the actual interest.

Nóra Hajós (HU/USA)
Dancer, Choreographe, Visual Artist
Her choices are made by her deep interest in search of authenticity in dance. As an improvisational performer she is interested in sensation-rooted movement-explorations, action painting, and juxtaposition with words, voices, imagery and motion. She has collaborated with Simone Forti, Steve Paxton, Lisa Nelson, Karen Nelson ,K. J. Holmes, and many others.
For the past 26 years, she has been teaching dance & performance improvisation in the USA, South America, and Europe.

Judit Kéri (HU/A)
Dancer, performer, choreographer and director, as well as an experienced English- and German-speaking dance, yoga and meditation teacher, BMC/IDME® practitioner and Theta Healing® consultant. She presented her work throughout Europe, Israel, North and South America, Russia, India and Australi also in collaboratin with Eva Karzag (NL), Andrew Harwood (CA), Chris Aiken (US), Alicia Grayson (USA), Inbal Aloni (IL), Aviv Ivgi (IL), David Corbet (AU), Jacob Lehrer (AU), Emmanuel Grivet (FR), Patricia Kuypers (BE) among others.





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